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  1. Photo of Alberto Fischerman

    Alberto Fischerman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elsa Osorio

    Elsa Osorio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carlos Trillo

    Carlos Trillo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Giuliano Gemma

    Giuliano Gemma Cast

  5. Photo of Georgina Barbarossa

    Georgina Barbarossa Cast

  6. Photo of Katja Alemán

    Katja Alemán Cast

  7. Photo of Ricardo Bauleo

    Ricardo Bauleo Cast

  8. Photo of Roberto Carnaghi

    Roberto Carnaghi Cast

  9. Photo of Silvana Di Lorenzo

    Silvana Di Lorenzo Cast

  10. Photo of Adriana Salgueiro

    Adriana Salgueiro Cast

  11. Photo of Tina Serrano

    Tina Serrano Cast

  12. Photo of Mario Passano

    Mario Passano Cast

  13. Photo of Maurice Jouvet

    Maurice Jouvet Cast

  14. Photo of Nelly Beltrán

    Nelly Beltrán Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Pierre Noher

    Jean Pierre Noher Cast

  16. Photo of Silvana Silveri

    Silvana Silveri Cast

  17. Photo of Oscar Boccia

    Oscar Boccia Cast

  18. Photo of Patricia Echegoyen

    Patricia Echegoyen Cast

  19. Photo of Martín Andrade

    Martín Andrade Cast

  20. Photo of Rubén Ballester

    Rubén Ballester Cast

  21. Photo of Gianni Lunadei

    Gianni Lunadei Cast

  22. Photo of Víctor Bo

    Víctor Bo Producer

  23. Photo of Ulises Butrón

    Ulises Butrón Music

  24. Photo of Willi Behnisch

    Willi Behnisch Cinematography

  25. Photo of Rogelio Chomnalez

    Rogelio Chomnalez Cinematography

  26. Photo of Darío Tedesco

    Darío Tedesco Editing

  27. Photo of Ticky García Estévez

    Ticky García Estévez Production Design