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  1. Photo of John Berry

    John Berry Director

  2. Photo of John Berry

    John Berry Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Berry

    John Berry Story

  4. Photo of Jacques-Laurent Bost

    Jacques-Laurent Bost Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jacques Nahum

    Jacques Nahum Screenplay

  6. Photo of Henri-François Rey

    Henri-François Rey Story

  7. Photo of Eddie Constantine

    Eddie Constantine Cast

  8. Photo of May Britt

    May Britt Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Danet

    Jean Danet Cast

  10. Photo of Lyla Rocco

    Lyla Rocco Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Carmet

    Jean Carmet Cast

  12. Photo of Monique Van Vooren

    Monique Van Vooren Cast

  13. Photo of Roger Saget

    Roger Saget Cast

  14. Photo of Irène Galter

    Irène Galter Cast

  15. Photo of Clément Harari

    Clément Harari Cast

  16. Photo of Gérard Hoffman

    Gérard Hoffman Cast

  17. Photo of André Versini

    André Versini Cast

  18. Photo of Evelyne Rey

    Evelyne Rey Cast

  19. Photo of Jacques Marin

    Jacques Marin Cast

  20. Photo of Mireille Ozy

    Mireille Ozy Cast

  21. Photo of John Berry

    John Berry Cast

  22. Photo of Pierre Brice

    Pierre Brice Cast

  23. Photo of Henri Cogan

    Henri Cogan Cast

  24. Photo of Jess Hahn

    Jess Hahn Cast

  25. Photo of Joé Davray

    Joé Davray Cast

  26. Photo of Fabien Loris

    Fabien Loris Cast

  27. Photo of David Armand Medioni

    David Armand Medioni Producer

  28. Photo of Jeff Davis

    Jeff Davis Music

  29. Photo of Jacques Lemare

    Jacques Lemare Cinematography

  30. Photo of Marinette Cadix

    Marinette Cadix Editing

  31. Photo of Maurice Colasson

    Maurice Colasson Production Design

  32. Photo of Émile Lagarde

    Émile Lagarde Sound

  33. Photo of Victor Noeppel

    Victor Noeppel Costume Design

  34. Photo of Madeleine Vramant

    Madeleine Vramant Costume Design