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  1. Photo of Vladimir Motyl

    Vladimir Motyl Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Afanasi Salynsky

    Afanasi Salynsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Igor Lyakh

    Igor Lyakh Cast

  4. Photo of Tatyana Dogileva

    Tatyana Dogileva Cast

  5. Photo of Viktoriya Kuznetsova

    Viktoriya Kuznetsova Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksandr Kazakov

    Aleksandr Kazakov Cast

  7. Photo of Natalya Plotnikova

    Natalya Plotnikova Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimir Mashchenko

    Vladimir Mashchenko Cast

  9. Photo of Yola Sanko

    Yola Sanko Cast

  10. Photo of Mikhail Urzhumtsev

    Mikhail Urzhumtsev Cast

  11. Photo of Viktor Kondratyuk

    Viktor Kondratyuk Cast

  12. Photo of Kira Krejlis-Petrova

    Kira Krejlis-Petrova Cast

  13. Photo of Vladimir Ilin

    Vladimir Ilin Cinematography

  14. Photo of Isaak Shvarts

    Isaak Shvarts Music

  15. Photo of Valeri Kostrin

    Valeri Kostrin Production Design