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  1. Photo of Paul Mariano

    Paul Mariano Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frazer Bradshaw

    Frazer Bradshaw Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christopher Nolan

    Christopher Nolan Self

  4. Photo of Tim Roth

    Tim Roth Self

  5. Photo of Debbie Reynolds

    Debbie Reynolds Self

  6. Photo of Rob Reiner

    Rob Reiner Self

  7. Photo of John Waters

    John Waters Self

  8. Photo of George Takei

    George Takei Self

  9. Photo of Peter Coyote

    Peter Coyote Self

  10. Photo of Johnny Yong Bosch

    Johnny Yong Bosch Self

  11. Photo of John Lasseter

    John Lasseter Self

  12. Photo of John Singleton

    John Singleton Self

  13. Photo of Caleb Deschanel

    Caleb Deschanel Self

  14. Photo of Amy Heckerling

    Amy Heckerling Self

  15. Photo of Paul Schrader

    Paul Schrader Self

  16. Photo of Gale Anne Hurd

    Gale Anne Hurd Self

  17. Photo of Wayne Wang

    Wayne Wang Self

  18. Photo of Leonard Maltin

    Leonard Maltin Self

  19. Photo of Steve James

    Steve James Self

  20. Photo of Barbara Kopple

    Barbara Kopple Self

  21. Photo of Charles Burnett

    Charles Burnett Self

  22. Photo of Peter Golub

    Peter Golub Music

  23. Photo of Kurt Norton

    Kurt Norton Producer, Screenplay Director

  24. Photo of Christine O'Malley

    Christine O'Malley Producer

  25. Photo of Douglas Blush

    Douglas Blush Editing

  26. Photo of Alex Calleros

    Alex Calleros Editing

  27. Photo of Larry Ellis

    Larry Ellis Sound