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  1. Photo of Enzo Barboni

    Enzo Barboni Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Terence Hill

    Terence Hill Cast

  3. Photo of Bud Spencer

    Bud Spencer Cast

  4. Photo of Steffen Zacharias

    Steffen Zacharias Cast

  5. Photo of Dan Sturkie

    Dan Sturkie Cast

  6. Photo of Gisela Hahn

    Gisela Hahn Cast

  7. Photo of Elena Pedemonte

    Elena Pedemonte Cast

  8. Photo of Farley Granger

    Farley Granger Cast

  9. Photo of Ezio Marano

    Ezio Marano Cast

  10. Photo of Luciano Rossi

    Luciano Rossi Cast

  11. Photo of Ugo Sasso

    Ugo Sasso Cast

  12. Photo of Remo Capitani

    Remo Capitani Cast

  13. Photo of Riccardo Pizzuti

    Riccardo Pizzuti Cast

  14. Photo of Paolo Magalotti

    Paolo Magalotti Cast

  15. Photo of Vito Gagliardi

    Vito Gagliardi Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Monselesan

    Antonio Monselesan Cast

  17. Photo of Gaetano Imbró

    Gaetano Imbró Cast

  18. Photo of Franco Marletta

    Franco Marletta Cast

  19. Photo of Luigi Bonos

    Luigi Bonos Cast

  20. Photo of Aldo Giordani

    Aldo Giordani Cinematography

  21. Photo of Franco Micalizzi

    Franco Micalizzi Music

  22. Photo of Enzo Bulgarelli

    Enzo Bulgarelli Production Design

  23. Photo of Joseph E. Levine

    Joseph E. Levine Producer

  24. Photo of Donald Taylor

    Donald Taylor Producer

  25. Photo of Italo Zingarelli

    Italo Zingarelli Producer

  26. Photo of Roberto Palaggi

    Roberto Palaggi Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Giampiero Giunti

    Giampiero Giunti Editing

  28. Photo of Eraldo Giordani

    Eraldo Giordani Sound

  29. Photo of Nino Renda

    Nino Renda Sound