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  1. Photo of Roar Petersen

    Roar Petersen Screenplay

  2. Photo of Erik Folke Gustavson

    Erik Folke Gustavson Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Hans Nord

    Hans Nord Cinematography

  4. Photo of Per Christensen

    Per Christensen Cast

  5. Photo of Liv Ullmann

    Liv Ullmann Cast

  6. Photo of Arne Lie

    Arne Lie Cast

  7. Photo of Astri Jacobsen

    Astri Jacobsen Cast

  8. Photo of Lars Nordrum

    Lars Nordrum Cast

  9. Photo of Svein Byhring

    Svein Byhring Cast

  10. Photo of Hans Stormoen

    Hans Stormoen Cast

  11. Photo of Egil Lorck

    Egil Lorck Cast

  12. Photo of Marius Hegge

    Marius Hegge Cast

  13. Photo of Astrid Sommer

    Astrid Sommer Cast

  14. Photo of Gunnar Aas

    Gunnar Aas Cast

  15. Photo of Tor Amundsen

    Tor Amundsen Cast

  16. Photo of Franciska Mohr

    Franciska Mohr Cast

  17. Photo of Rigmor Lange

    Rigmor Lange Cast

  18. Photo of Wilfred Breistrand

    Wilfred Breistrand Cast and Director

  19. Photo of Edith Toreg

    Edith Toreg Editing