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  1. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Thief

    it's tempting to think that Michael Mann would have been just as good of an auteur if he had kept making thinly veiled Jean-Pierre Melville homages like this

  2. Freddie's rating of the film Thief

    Overall excellent but the cheesy slow-mo shootout scene at the end was a huge letdown.

  3. berat bayer's rating of the film Thief

    jean-pierre melville meets 'the driver' in 1981's chicago. delicious.

  4. mauries's rating of the film Thief

    If I would've seen the film reflected in wet asphalt I'd probably still rate it four stars.

  5. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Thief

    Truly impressive how Michael Mann kept his filmmaking style over his entire career. And all began with this colossus of the 80'. So intense in so many moments and with a thief so cool and badass at once, this movie was superbly crafted on very lvl. Great combo between the soundtrack and the visually image. Almost flawless... the end could have been a slightly improved. 9/10

  6. Federico Boswarlos's rating of the film Thief

  7. Paul Relf's rating of the film Thief

    The blueprint for Drive. Neon lights, cars, gangsters and a man who won't take shit from no one.

  8. Ahmed El-kashef's rating of the film Thief

  9. DSPRKY's rating of the film Thief

    Mann sets the tone for the 80s in this moody, well-shot crime drama. Although perhaps not as polished as his later work, it is a fitting debut for one of cinema's most masterful action directors.

  10. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Thief

    Best action film ever made, and the template for Drive and Grand Theft Auto 5.

  11. Z's rating of the film Thief

    Mann displays the poetry, craft and sorrowful anger of the career criminal. Caan was never better than he is in Mann's portrait of a lonely nighthawk trying to obtain the American lie who must revert to nihilism to survive. Only when Frank divests himself of all of his business and personal entanglements can he seek proper, retributive vengeance. Professionalism seasoned with style is the finest art in Mann's world.

  12. смерть влюбленных's rating of the film Thief

  13. William's rating of the film Thief

  14. Rūdolfs R. Vītoliņš's rating of the film Thief

    Interesting neo noir crime film, based on real-life criminal John Seybold. Perhaps sometimes a little bit boring, but watching shootouts and diamond thefts with Tangerine Dream soundtrack is worth your time. On the other hand, I will listen TD album Thief once again but not so sure about watching this film twice.

  15. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Thief

    Apart from the style, what makes this better than your average thriller is the depth of character Mann and his actors are able to create. The ending is badass too.

  16. V.S. Luoma-aho's rating of the film Thief

    Solid. You can buy life, but the system will buy you. The diner monologue is pure gold.

  17. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Thief

  18. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Thief

    I saw an episode of Starsky and Hutch and Michael Mann's credit as writer showed and I thought "of course,it makes sense." The soundtrack is great. The cinematography is delicious especially the neon lit night shots.

  19. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Thief

    CINEMA _ Mann before the new technologies already owned the night. Beautiful light (dark) and music. Kind of the perfect trailer of the 80s still to come. But all the cosmetic in the world won't mask the poor storytelling. I guess Mann doesn't care : he's so often on the thin line with abstraction, forms, colours, metal (the scene where they open the safe, millions of stars shining almost making the viewer blind).

  20. jchandleroc's rating of the film Thief

    A man grapples with nihilism in a cruel, vacant, neon hell. He fears the destructive influence of his own nature on those he holds dear and hurtles headlong towards an uncertain future. Bold stylistically, if not as balanced an effort as HEAT.

  21. James Mackin's rating of the film Thief

    Jim Belushi's jacket is worth the price of admission.

  22. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Thief

    If Thief may not entirely earn the gravitas it all but groans with, God knows it looks the part. The weight James Caan carries on his Chicago-sized shoulders only grows as the stakes get higher and his associates shade sketchier, while the ink-black gutters, lining nights numbed null with neon, glimmer and shiver as if cut with a thousand diamonds and left to bleed dry. Tuesday Weld kills as a rueful beauty ruining.

  23. thomasjeff16's rating of the film Thief

    When Realism makes love to Style.

  24. Dignan's rating of the film Thief

    Chronicles the early days of Mr. Henry. Also glamorizes gun violence.

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