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  1. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Thirst

    A film you fall in love right from the first moment with a gentle poem and it keeps getting better n better to the very-end climax where he screams his heart-of-a-poet out in the cruel world; and the intelligent & interesting plotwise and welldrawn characters and the mise-en-scène that emphasizes every moments and musical staging that I thought to find only in Tsai films; and yet Dutt find a place for some proper fun

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Thirst

    Un flamboyant mélodrame d'un sombre pessimisme ambiant, stigmatisant avec force et fougue certaines détresses et fêlures de la société indienne, pourtant libérée du carcan colonialiste, qui s'enfonce dans une profonde amertume générée par maintes désillusions économiques, politiques et sociales. Une magnifique scénographie musicale, agrémentée d'une extraordinaire fluidité de la caméra...

  3. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Thirst

    3,5 Sandwiched in between devil and the deep blue sea, btw those overwhelmed by towering respect for history which reduced them to servile subjects incapable of shaping their own thoughts (intellectuals, publishers) and those totally immersed in the present, blindly adjusting to its dictates (plain hangry folks), Dutt's poet carves a personal contemporaneousness, simultaneously in & out of his time, adhering & apart.

  4. petit astronaute's rating of the film Thirst

  5. Pyaasa's rating of the film Thirst

    Beautiful, melancholic, depressing. A gem from the golden age of Bollywood. Music by SD Burman is just cherry on the top. Never saw a more empathetic performance by Wahida Rehman, the would-be-muse of the Director and lead actor, Gurudutt.

  6. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Thirst

  7. victoria stone's rating of the film Thirst

    This is really a great movie. Guru Datt' s acting is forever remembered.

  8. BUSHRA's rating of the film Thirst

    "who are the fortunate ones who gain the love they seek?" what a masterpiece.

  9. Sophia Park's rating of the film Thirst

    i got the amazing privilege of seeing a print that didn't subtitle the songs. i do believe i missed half the movie.

  10. Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Thirst

    It was way too long and overbloated, and I feel the film would have worked better at 90 minutes as opposed to 2 1/2 hours. There are some beautiful moments of cinematography here, and Dutt eschews predictability at times, but overall I found myself checking my watch a lot. The songs are really what made the movie.

  11. lady_lazarus's rating of the film Thirst

    this movie is more of Sahir Ludhianvi (the lyricist) than of Guru Dutt. the most beautifully written songs ever.

  12. Filmy's rating of the film Thirst

    Oliver Assayas on the music from the film, "Possibly one of the most remarkable transpositions of poetry on screen. Dutt plays the poet himself and when he says the verses, he actually sings (using the beautiful voice of Mohammad Rafi). It's just out of this world. More than once I've had tears in my eyes listening to the audio tape I bought in Delhi in the late eighties".