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  1. V.S. Luoma-aho's rating of the film Thirst

    An early Bergman, atypically not written by himself. There are good scenes here and Eva Henning is great, but all in all it's a bit all over the place tonally and structurally.

  2. Denis Zordan's rating of the film Thirst

  3. Jason's rating of the film Thirst

    THRIST is a rare early Bergman in which the maestro is not officially accorded any role in the composition of the screenplay. And what a bewildering and vertiginous bit of writing it is, layered like a lasagna and teeming with fantastically ribald business. Bergman has taken this screenplay and hurled a cinematographic fusillade at it, assisted in no small way by a fascinating and volatile performance by Eva Henning.

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Thirst

    Based on short stories. Rehash of themes already handled in 'It Rains on Our Love' and 'Port of Call' (Abortion and Loss of a Baby), in 'Music in Darkness' (Despair after giving up one's artistic occupation), and in 'The Devil's Wanton' and 'Music in Darkness' (The symbolical Dream). What's new here is the number of travellings: Ingmar Bergman is little by little mastering his camera. Recommended.

  5. Olivier's rating of the film Thirst

    Sûrement pas le meilleur Bergman, mais quelques très belles scènes annoncent les futurs chefs d'oeuvre.

  6. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Thirst

    Bergman as gun-for-hire. The story he has to deal with is a pretty standard melodrama. He cannot transcend the material, but there are a couple of notable lines in this movie like, "There's too much nudity in this marriage", and "I'm an honest man. I've never tried to hide the fact I have two women. Any healthy man has to have two women. There are sly devils with more, and that's just indecent."

  7. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Thirst

  8. askapsaskis's rating of the film Thirst

    Eternal failure to connect.

  9. FISCHER's rating of the film Thirst

    Ainsi pour Ingmar Bergman, "Un océan de larmes sépare les hommes des femmes, comme la mer séparait le fleuve Alphée de la nymphe Arethuse, changée en source". (dixit le réalisateur.) Puisqu'il ne reste plus qu'à vivre un enfer, mais du moins, vivons-le ensemble...

  10. postblueink's rating of the film Thirst

    6/10 (25. 08.2016). through the thirst, thirst of drink how symbolism, Bergman shows our way to escape from painful memories. And all our being, our meaning - it is a really thirst, what was said in the last tense of film. all we want to have. thirst of life - love.

  11. Nathan Grey Hollis's rating of the film Thirst

  12. Tabikenezer von Higglesbloom's rating of the film Thirst

    this is simultaneously wack and amazing...even tho bergman is my enemy he is also my dad

  13. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Thirst

    A nice little film from Ingmar Bergman that serves as a precursor to greater works such as Wild Strawberries and Scenes from a Marriage.

  14. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Thirst

    Bergman y a mi parecer, su primera película madura. Ese perfil feminino conflictivo. Una historia sobre mujeres desencantadas con los hombres. Ellas víctimas de antiguos fracasos, en un presente reaccionan cual sintoma traumático. Una esposa, presa de una volubilidad emocional, volcará todo su tormento a su esposo. Una historia sobre un matrimonio que viaja en un tren y cruza por la Alemania de la postguerra (crisis)

  15. David M.K.'s rating of the film Thirst

    Who didn't feel a moment's elation when the male lead hit his ugly, annoying wife in the head with a beer bottle? Alas, only a dream sequence...

  16. StellaWasaDiver's rating of the film Thirst

    It was alright, but for me the least enjoyable in the Early Bergman Criterion Eclipse box set. Most of the characters were kinda annoying to watch and tolerate; I did laugh at the scene where the man tries to explain to both his wife and mistress that a man needs two women in his life, no more and no less. Good luck with that one, buddy. Note the same suicide method as in Hamnstad (Port of Call).

  17. Jugend21's rating of the film Thirst

    Eva Henning keeps complaining about how ugly she is in this movie. Really? Is Eva Henning considered "ugly" in Sweden?

  18. Denis-Steve Giguère's rating of the film Thirst

    I found the characters quite unlikable. It was refreshing to see subjects Hollywood wouldn't even dare touch at the time, but it's far from being Bergman's best.

  19. Jay a.k.a. 6FOOT's rating of the film Thirst

    I love how this film shows how past relationships can screw up your current ones. Or just how hurtful and life changing memories can be.

  20. Jacob Casey's rating of the film Thirst

    really dark and disturbing. I think this is a movie to watch again.