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  1. msmichel's rating of the film This Changes Everything

    Growth without limit. As long as the world stays on the course of extreme capitalism we will risk the sustainability of life on Earth. Extreme weather; extreme poverty; the loss of clean water; the loss of clean air; the loss of harmony with nature. As a film there is a lack of focus but as a wake up call this joins the chorus of alarm. Here's hoping that the members of the Heartland Institute own beachfront property

  2. Enrico Gaudenzi's rating of the film This Changes Everything

    Quando i contenuti sono decisamente superiori all'abilità di chi dirige il film = sonno. Quando c'è di mezzo la Klein l'ideale è leggere, non vedere....

  3. Kamran's rating of the film This Changes Everything

    [REVIEW] 70/100 - This Changes Everything (Avi Lewis, 2015) Sincere and engaging, the environmental documentary This Changes Everything encourages us to think differently about nature. Though the film never outright lies to the audience, it does exaggerate and indulge in occasional bias. Read More: