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  1. Photo of Michael Colgan

    Michael Colgan Cast

  2. Photo of Kenneth Glenaan

    Kenneth Glenaan Cast

  3. Photo of David Bradley

    David Bradley Cast

  4. Photo of John Henshaw

    John Henshaw Cast

  5. Photo of Keri Arnold

    Keri Arnold Cast

  6. Photo of Adam Pepper

    Adam Pepper Cast

  7. Photo of Chris Middleton

    Chris Middleton Cast

  8. Photo of Bille Eltringham

    Bille Eltringham Director

  9. Photo of Simon Beaufoy

    Simon Beaufoy Executive Producer and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Mark Blaney

    Mark Blaney Producer

  11. Photo of Kate Ogborn

    Kate Ogborn Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Paul Trijbits

    Paul Trijbits Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Adrian Johnston

    Adrian Johnston Music

  14. Photo of Mark Rutherford

    Mark Rutherford Music

  15. Photo of Robbie Ryan

    Robbie Ryan Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ewa J. Lind

    Ewa J. Lind Editing

  17. Photo of Richard Tharp

    Richard Tharp Production Design

  18. Photo of Graham Headicar

    Graham Headicar Sound