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  1. Photo of Michael Curtiz

    Michael Curtiz Director

  2. Photo of Irving Berlin

    Irving Berlin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Casey Robinson

    Casey Robinson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Claude Binyon

    Claude Binyon Screenplay

  5. Photo of George Murphy

    George Murphy Cast

  6. Photo of Joan Leslie

    Joan Leslie Cast

  7. Photo of George Tobias

    George Tobias Cast

  8. Photo of Alan Hale

    Alan Hale Cast

  9. Photo of Charles Butterworth

    Charles Butterworth Cast

  10. Photo of Dolores Costello

    Dolores Costello Cast

  11. Photo of Una Merkel

    Una Merkel Cast

  12. Photo of Stanley Ridges

    Stanley Ridges Cast

  13. Photo of Rosemary DeCamp

    Rosemary DeCamp Cast

  14. Photo of Ruth Donnelly

    Ruth Donnelly Cast

  15. Photo of Dorothy Peterson

    Dorothy Peterson Cast

  16. Photo of Frances Langford

    Frances Langford Cast

  17. Photo of Gertrude Niesen

    Gertrude Niesen Cast

  18. Photo of Kate Smith

    Kate Smith Cast

  19. Photo of Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan Cast

  20. Photo of Joe Louis

    Joe Louis Cast

  21. Photo of Alan Anderson

    Alan Anderson Cast

  22. Photo of Ezra Stone

    Ezra Stone Cast

  23. Photo of Tom D'Andrea

    Tom D'Andrea Cast

  24. Photo of James Burrell

    James Burrell Cast

  25. Photo of Ross Elliott

    Ross Elliott Cast

  26. Photo of Bert Glennon

    Bert Glennon Cinematography

  27. Photo of Sol Polito

    Sol Polito Cinematography

  28. Photo of John Hughes

    John Hughes Production Design

  29. Photo of John Koenig

    John Koenig Production Design

  30. Photo of Hal B. Wallis

    Hal B. Wallis Producer

  31. Photo of Jack L. Warner

    Jack L. Warner Producer

  32. Photo of George Amy

    George Amy Editing

  33. Photo of C.A. Riggs

    C.A. Riggs Sound

  34. Photo of Orry-Kelly

    Orry-Kelly Costume Design