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  1. Photo of Paolo Sorrentino

    Paolo Sorrentino Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Umberto Contarello

    Umberto Contarello Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ronald M. Bozman

    Ronald M. Bozman Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Francesca Cima

    Francesca Cima Producer

  5. Photo of Nicola Giuliano

    Nicola Giuliano Producer

  6. Photo of Andreas Olavarria

    Andreas Olavarria Producer

  7. Photo of Will Oldham

    Will Oldham Music

  8. Photo of Luca Bigazzi

    Luca Bigazzi Cinematography

  9. Photo of Cristiano Travaglioli

    Cristiano Travaglioli Editing

  10. Photo of Stefania Cella

    Stefania Cella Production Design

  11. Photo of Srđan Kurpjel

    Srđan Kurpjel Sound

  12. Photo of Sean Penn

    Sean Penn Cast

  13. Photo of Frances McDormand

    Frances McDormand Cast

  14. Photo of Judd Hirsch

    Judd Hirsch Cast

  15. Photo of Eve Hewson

    Eve Hewson Cast

  16. Photo of Kerry Condon

    Kerry Condon Cast

  17. Photo of Harry Dean Stanton

    Harry Dean Stanton Cast

  18. Photo of Joyce Van Patten

    Joyce Van Patten Cast

  19. Photo of David Byrne

    David Byrne Cast and Music

  20. Photo of Olwen Fouéré

    Olwen Fouéré Cast

  21. Photo of Shea Whigham

    Shea Whigham Cast

  22. Photo of Liron Levo

    Liron Levo Cast

  23. Photo of Heinz Lieven

    Heinz Lieven Cast

  24. Photo of Simon Delaney

    Simon Delaney Cast

  25. Photo of Seth Adkins

    Seth Adkins Cast

  26. Photo of Gordon Michaels

    Gordon Michaels Cast