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  1. Photo of Mauritz Stiller

    Mauritz Stiller Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gustaf Molander

    Gustaf Molander Screenplay

  3. Photo of Victor Sjöström

    Victor Sjöström Cast

  4. Photo of Karin Molander

    Karin Molander Cast

  5. Photo of Josef Fischer

    Josef Fischer Cast

  6. Photo of Jenny Tschernichin-Larsson

    Jenny Tschernichin-Larsson Cast

  7. Photo of Axel Nilsson

    Axel Nilsson Cast

  8. Photo of Torsten Winge

    Torsten Winge Cast

  9. Photo of Gucken Cederborg

    Gucken Cederborg Cast

  10. Photo of Edvin Adolphson

    Edvin Adolphson Cast

  11. Photo of Oscar Åberg

    Oscar Åberg Cast

  12. Photo of Wictor Hagman

    Wictor Hagman Cast

  13. Photo of Tor Weijden

    Tor Weijden Cast

  14. Photo of Hugo Björne

    Hugo Björne Cast

  15. Photo of Helge Kihlberg

    Helge Kihlberg Cast

  16. Photo of Julius Hälsig

    Julius Hälsig Cast

  17. Photo of Carl Apolloff

    Carl Apolloff Cast

  18. Photo of Kotti Chave

    Kotti Chave Cast

  19. Photo of Walerie Alexandrow-Höök

    Walerie Alexandrow-Höök Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Hagman

    Paul Hagman Cast

  21. Photo of Gösta Gustafson

    Gösta Gustafson Cast

  22. Photo of Olof Ås

    Olof Ås Cast

  23. Photo of Henrik Jaenzon

    Henrik Jaenzon Cinematography

  24. Photo of Axel Esbensen

    Axel Esbensen Production Design