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  1. Photo of Štefan Uher

    Štefan Uher Director

  2. Photo of Alfonz Bednár

    Alfonz Bednár Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jozef Čierny

    Jozef Čierny Cast

  4. Photo of Alžbeta Strkulová

    Alžbeta Strkulová Cast

  5. Photo of Stanislava Strobachová

    Stanislava Strobachová Cast

  6. Photo of Alžbeta Bártová

    Alžbeta Bártová Cast

  7. Photo of Mária Sýkorová

    Mária Sýkorová Cast

  8. Photo of Pavel Chrobak

    Pavel Chrobak Cast

  9. Photo of Ivan Rajniak

    Ivan Rajniak Cast

  10. Photo of František Bubik

    František Bubik Cast

  11. Photo of Dusan Blaskovic

    Dusan Blaskovic Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Kostovic

    Vladimir Kostovic Cast

  13. Photo of Milan Fiabane

    Milan Fiabane Cast

  14. Photo of Viktor Blaho

    Viktor Blaho Cast

  15. Photo of Vera Tichánková

    Vera Tichánková Cast

  16. Photo of Hana Slivková

    Hana Slivková Cast

  17. Photo of Ernest Smigura

    Ernest Smigura Cast

  18. Photo of Sona Ulicka

    Sona Ulicka Cast

  19. Photo of Jiri Prokes

    Jiri Prokes Cast

  20. Photo of Jozef Rehak

    Jozef Rehak Cast

  21. Photo of Jan Gec

    Jan Gec Cast

  22. Photo of Frantisek Török

    Frantisek Török Cast

  23. Photo of Stanislav Szomolányi

    Stanislav Szomolányi Cinematography

  24. Photo of Ilja Zeljenku

    Ilja Zeljenku Music

  25. Photo of Jan Svikruha

    Jan Svikruha Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Maximilián Remen

    Maximilián Remen Editing

  27. Photo of Milan K. Némethy

    Milan K. Némethy Sound

  28. Photo of Jan Dudesek

    Jan Dudesek Costume Design