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  1. Photo of Sydney Pollack

    Sydney Pollack Director and Producer

  2. Photo of James Grady

    James Grady Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lorenzo Semple Jr.

    Lorenzo Semple Jr. Screenplay

  4. Photo of David Rayfiel

    David Rayfiel Screenplay

  5. Photo of Stanley Schneider

    Stanley Schneider Producer

  6. Photo of Dino De Laurentiis

    Dino De Laurentiis Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Don Guidice

    Don Guidice Editing

  8. Photo of Dave Grusin

    Dave Grusin Music

  9. Photo of Owen Roizman

    Owen Roizman Cinematography

  10. Photo of Robert Redford

    Robert Redford Cast

  11. Photo of Faye Dunaway

    Faye Dunaway Cast

  12. Photo of Cliff Robertson

    Cliff Robertson Cast

  13. Photo of Tina Chen

    Tina Chen Cast

  14. Photo of Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow Cast

  15. Photo of John Houseman

    John Houseman Cast

  16. Photo of Addison Powell

    Addison Powell Cast

  17. Photo of Walter McGinn

    Walter McGinn Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Kane

    Michael Kane Cast

  19. Photo of Don McHenry

    Don McHenry Cast

  20. Photo of Michael B. Miller

    Michael B. Miller Cast

  21. Photo of Jess Osuna

    Jess Osuna Cast

  22. Photo of Dino Narizzano

    Dino Narizzano Cast

  23. Photo of Helen Stenborg

    Helen Stenborg Cast

  24. Photo of Patrick Gorman

    Patrick Gorman Cast

  25. Photo of Hansford Rowe

    Hansford Rowe Cast

  26. Photo of Carlin Glynn

    Carlin Glynn Cast

  27. Photo of Hank Garrett

    Hank Garrett Cast

  28. Photo of Stephen B. Grimes

    Stephen B. Grimes Production Design