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  1. Photo of Mark Osepyan

    Mark Osepyan Director

  2. Photo of Yevgeni Grigoryev

    Yevgeni Grigoryev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mikhail Jakowitsch

    Mikhail Jakowitsch Cinematography

  4. Photo of Gennadi Korolkov

    Gennadi Korolkov Cast

  5. Photo of Valentina Vladimirova

    Valentina Vladimirova Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksei Chernov

    Aleksei Chernov Cast

  7. Photo of Lev Prygunov

    Lev Prygunov Cast

  8. Photo of Gennadi Sajfulin

    Gennadi Sajfulin Cast

  9. Photo of Valeri Belyakov

    Valeri Belyakov Cast

  10. Photo of Ivan Kuznetsov

    Ivan Kuznetsov Cast

  11. Photo of D. Chukovsky

    D. Chukovsky Cast

  12. Photo of Vasili Shukshin

    Vasili Shukshin Cast

  13. Photo of Nadezhda Fedosova

    Nadezhda Fedosova Cast

  14. Photo of Semyon Sokolovsky

    Semyon Sokolovsky Cast

  15. Photo of D. Sharapova

    D. Sharapova Cast

  16. Photo of Boris Dulenkov

    Boris Dulenkov Production Design

  17. Photo of Aleksei Rybnikov

    Aleksei Rybnikov Music

  18. Photo of Aleksandr Golyzhenov

    Aleksandr Golyzhenov Sound