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  1. Photo of Lino Brocka

    Lino Brocka Director

  2. Photo of Antonio Jose Perez

    Antonio Jose Perez Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mario O'Hara

    Mario O'Hara Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Angela Barrios

    Angela Barrios Screenplay

  5. Photo of Orlando Nadres

    Orlando Nadres Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jay Ilagan

    Jay Ilagan Cast

  7. Photo of Hilda Koronel

    Hilda Koronel Cast

  8. Photo of Anita Linda

    Anita Linda Cast

  9. Photo of Lily Miraflor

    Lily Miraflor Cast

  10. Photo of Manny Ojeda

    Manny Ojeda Cast

  11. Photo of Lolita Rodriguez

    Lolita Rodriguez Cast

  12. Photo of Mary Walter

    Mary Walter Cast

  13. Photo of Augusto Salvador

    Augusto Salvador Editing