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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Three

  2. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Three

    4.5. Belongs in the company of Paisan and Munk's Eroica. Pretty terrific.

  3. Ciprian David's rating of the film Three

    the greatest thing about this film may be his diversity. I started by liking the technical inconsistencies and the aseptic nature of rolling idea after idea on the screen, then got to love the naturetakes and the dynamic amongst the diverse landscape of the country and in the end i caught myself in an intense game of looks. the story was all about suspense and political criticism, actually.

  4. Santropez's rating of the film Three

    I've been thinking for about 30 minutes what to write about this masterpiece, but I'm sure that nothing's going to be enough to describe the awesome experience that watching this is. This is definitely between my select list of the four best films ever done. Watch it!

  5. House 0f Leaves's rating of the film Three

    I love this kind of film. As bleak as humanity is forced to be by war, as told from a region torn apart by it. There's a rich truth to these films that Hollywood just doesn't understand, nor attempt.