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  1. Photo of Desmond Saunders

    Desmond Saunders Director

  2. Photo of David Elliott

    David Elliott Director

  3. Photo of David Lane

    David Lane Director

  4. Photo of Alan Pattillo

    Alan Pattillo Director and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Brian Burgess

    Brian Burgess Director

  6. Photo of Gerry Anderson

    Gerry Anderson Screenplay

  7. Photo of Sylvia Anderson

    Sylvia Anderson Screenplay and Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Dyneley

    Peter Dyneley Cast

  9. Photo of David Graham

    David Graham Cast

  10. Photo of Shane Rimmer

    Shane Rimmer Cast

  11. Photo of Matt Zimmerman

    Matt Zimmerman Cast

  12. Photo of Ray Barrett

    Ray Barrett Cast

  13. Photo of Christine Finn

    Christine Finn Cast

  14. Photo of David Holliday

    David Holliday Cast

  15. Photo of Jeremy Wilkin

    Jeremy Wilkin Cast

  16. Photo of Barry Gray

    Barry Gray Music

  17. Photo of Derek Meddings

    Derek Meddings Visual Effects

  18. Photo of John Read

    John Read Cinematography

  19. Photo of Bob Bell

    Bob Bell Production Design

  20. Photo of Alan Fennell

    Alan Fennell Screenplay

  21. Photo of Donald Robertson

    Donald Robertson Screenplay

  22. Photo of Martin Crump

    Martin Crump Screenplay

  23. Photo of Dennis Spooner

    Dennis Spooner Screenplay

  24. Photo of Tony Barwick

    Tony Barwick Screenplay