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  1. Photo of Anne Riitta Ciccone

    Anne Riitta Ciccone Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maya Sansa

    Maya Sansa Cast

  3. Photo of Jean-Hugues Anglade

    Jean-Hugues Anglade Cast

  4. Photo of Sulevi Peltova

    Sulevi Peltova Cast

  5. Photo of Laura Malmivaara

    Laura Malmivaara Cast

  6. Photo of Massimo Poggio

    Massimo Poggio Cast

  7. Photo of Ivan Franek

    Ivan Franek Cast

  8. Photo of Diane Fleri

    Diane Fleri Cast

  9. Photo of Esther Elisha

    Esther Elisha Cast

  10. Photo of Remo Remotti

    Remo Remotti Cast

  11. Photo of Lena Reichmuth

    Lena Reichmuth Cast

  12. Photo of Fabio Cianchetti

    Fabio Cianchetti Cinematography

  13. Photo of Pasquale Mari

    Pasquale Mari Cinematography

  14. Photo of Fabio Zamarion

    Fabio Zamarion Cinematography

  15. Photo of Franco Piersanti

    Franco Piersanti Music

  16. Photo of Francesco Torelli

    Francesco Torelli Producer

  17. Photo of Luigi Mearelli

    Luigi Mearelli Editing

  18. Photo of Marco Spoletini

    Marco Spoletini Editing

  19. Photo of Sabrina Beretta

    Sabrina Beretta Costume Design