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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Lily Banzuela Filipponi-Beurer's rating of the film Thy Womb

    You made a great choice casting Ms. Aunor . . . even if your work does not earn the coveted award. You have already won by being recognize and competed on International Arena. Ms. Aunorl delivers nothing but her very best! No one can make you feel wretched to the bottom pit of your stomach except NORA - she epitomizes the poor, the rich, the down trodden, the suffering. God Bless and May your work wins!

  2. Carlos Garcia's rating of the film Thy Womb

    Buona fortuna ...Dio ti benedica....Good luck, God Bless.. to the entire cast of Thy Womb most notably to Brillante Mendoza and the legendary Ms. Nora Aunor!

  3. Leonardo Galilleo's rating of the film Thy Womb

    Viva La Aunor .... Once more another brilliant and classic performance from The Living Legend and Undying Myth............. Indeed, such an honor to witness a world-class talent.

  4. Errom de Leon's rating of the film Thy Womb

    only the best from philippine cinema - director brillante mendoza and actor nora aunor

  5. Blanca's rating of the film Thy Womb

    This is a spectacular film...breathtaking...magnificent film by one of the Philippines' film masters, Brilliante Mendoza with the greatest film artist of the Philippine cinema, Ms. Nora Aunor... Kudos!

  6. Michael U. Obenieta's rating of the film Thy Womb

    Fan website for THY WOMB at!home/mainPage

  7. albert sunga's rating of the film Thy Womb

    worth waiting for! superstar nora aunor acting on the big screen after a long while is super exciting!!! salamuch direk brillante...God bless u both.

  8. PenelopeMolina's rating of the film Thy Womb

    a movie that will highlight and enlight the world about the Philippines, its people and its places...

  9. Andrea's rating of the film Thy Womb

    Interesting ethnographic study, nice cinematography, but weak character & emotional depth.

  10. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Thy Womb

    ★★★★ relinquished love with a fine ethnographic atmosphere.

  11. soiwaswrong's rating of the film Thy Womb

    Can't wait to see this, and a very good comeback to Nora Aunor.. I hope she gets what she deserves...