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  1. Photo of Jean-Guy Noël

    Jean-Guy Noël Director

  2. Photo of Jean-Guy Noël

    Jean-Guy Noël Screenplay

  3. Photo of Micheline Lanctôt

    Micheline Lanctôt Cast

  4. Photo of Suzanne Garceau

    Suzanne Garceau Cast

  5. Photo of Claude Maher

    Claude Maher Cast

  6. Photo of Gilbert Sicotte

    Gilbert Sicotte Cast

  7. Photo of Louise Forestier

    Louise Forestier Cast

  8. Photo of Guy L'Ecuyer

    Guy L'Ecuyer Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Louis Millette

    Jean-Louis Millette Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Leclerc

    Robert Leclerc Cast

  11. Photo of Nassim Haramein

    Nassim Haramein Cast

  12. Photo of Georges Langford

    Georges Langford Cast

  13. Photo of Gabriel Arcand

    Gabriel Arcand Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Maltais

    Robert Maltais Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre Guenette

    Pierre Guenette Cast

  16. Photo of Jean-Denis Leduc

    Jean-Denis Leduc Cast

  17. Photo of Marc Daigle

    Marc Daigle Producer

  18. Photo of François Beauchemin

    François Beauchemin Cinematography