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  1. Photo of Marcel Carrière

    Marcel Carrière Director

  2. Photo of Jean-Pierre Morin

    Jean-Pierre Morin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcel Sabourin

    Marcel Sabourin Cast

  4. Photo of Jean Lapointe

    Jean Lapointe Cast

  5. Photo of Rita Lafontaine

    Rita Lafontaine Cast

  6. Photo of Anne-Marie Ducharme

    Anne-Marie Ducharme Cast

  7. Photo of Serge A. Savard

    Serge A. Savard Cast

  8. Photo of Ginette Morin

    Ginette Morin Cast

  9. Photo of Raymond Lévesque

    Raymond Lévesque Cast

  10. Photo of Denise Proulx

    Denise Proulx Cast

  11. Photo of Louise St-Pierre

    Louise St-Pierre Cast

  12. Photo of J. Léo Gagnon

    J. Léo Gagnon Cast

  13. Photo of Guy L'Ecuyer

    Guy L'Ecuyer Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Lachapelle

    Jean-Pierre Lachapelle Cinematography

  15. Photo of François Dompierre

    François Dompierre Music

  16. Photo of Werner Nold

    Werner Nold Music

  17. Photo of Marc Beaudet

    Marc Beaudet Producer

  18. Photo of Robert Forget

    Robert Forget Producer

  19. Photo of Bernard Bordeleau

    Bernard Bordeleau Sound

  20. Photo of Michel Descombes

    Michel Descombes Sound

  21. Photo of Claude Hazanavicius

    Claude Hazanavicius Sound

  22. Photo of Michelle Rousseau

    Michelle Rousseau Costume Design

  23. Photo of Denis Boucher

    Denis Boucher Art Department