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  1. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Tierra

    I liked this movie a lot. It appeals to, without leaning too heavily on, the pleasure of puzzling over such perennial dialectics as earthiness vs. ethereality, freedom vs. commitment, vision vs. delusion, and, uh, redhead vs. blonde (definitely among its key concerns). Also: life vs. death, their relative values, including their truth value. All of it haloed by the sympathetic strangeness of Carmelo Gomez's smile.

  2. nematomaranka's rating of the film Tierra

    couple of last scenes are just brilliant.

  3. Sunrise's rating of the film Tierra

    Medem's evocative & polemic portrait of Angel/"man," torn between identities of an grounded reality and a metaphysical fantasy. Both entangled within desires for women that are opposing realities themselves. Earthly Angel finds completion within the boundless Mari, whom wants a non-physical sensuality. Ghostly Angel haunts farmer Angela, that wants a more physically present lover, filling a void left by her husband.