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  1. Photo of Sônia Braga

    Sônia Braga Producer and Cast

  2. Photo of Carlos Diegues

    Carlos Diegues Producer, Director Screenplay

  3. Photo of Miguel Faria Jr.

    Miguel Faria Jr. Producer

  4. Photo of Hélio Ferraz

    Hélio Ferraz Producer

  5. Photo of Renata Almeida Magalhães

    Renata Almeida Magalhães Producer

  6. Photo of Telmo Maia

    Telmo Maia Producer

  7. Photo of Donald Ranvaud

    Donald Ranvaud Producer

  8. Photo of Bruno Stroppiana

    Bruno Stroppiana Producer

  9. Photo of Antônio Calmon

    Antônio Calmon Screenplay

  10. Photo of João Ubaldo Ribeiro

    João Ubaldo Ribeiro Screenplay

  11. Photo of Edgar Moura

    Edgar Moura Cinematography

  12. Photo of Marília Pêra

    Marília Pêra Cast

  13. Photo of Chico Anysio

    Chico Anysio Cast

  14. Photo of Cláudia Abreu

    Cláudia Abreu Cast

  15. Photo of Zezé Motta

    Zezé Motta Cast

  16. Photo of Jece Valadão

    Jece Valadão Cast

  17. Photo of Leon Goes

    Leon Goes Cast

  18. Photo of Patrícia França

    Patrícia França Cast

  19. Photo of Heitor Martinez Mello

    Heitor Martinez Mello Cast

  20. Photo of Noélia Montanhas

    Noélia Montanhas Cast

  21. Photo of Débora Adorno

    Débora Adorno Cast

  22. Photo of Caco Monteiro

    Caco Monteiro Cast

  23. Photo of João Phellippe

    João Phellippe Cast

  24. Photo of André Valli

    André Valli Cast

  25. Photo of Frank Menezes

    Frank Menezes Cast

  26. Photo of Jorge Amado

    Jorge Amado Cast and Screenplay

  27. Photo of Flora Diegues

    Flora Diegues Cast

  28. Photo of Jurandyr Ferreira

    Jurandyr Ferreira Cast

  29. Photo of Harildo Deda

    Harildo Deda Cast

  30. Photo of André Luiz

    André Luiz Cast

  31. Photo of Yumara Rodrigues

    Yumara Rodrigues Cast

  32. Photo of Anna Cotrim

    Anna Cotrim Cast

  33. Photo of Ricardo Bittencourt

    Ricardo Bittencourt Cast

  34. Photo of Lelo Filho

    Lelo Filho Cast

  35. Photo of Claudio Simões

    Claudio Simões Cast

  36. Photo of Mário Gusmão

    Mário Gusmão Cast

  37. Photo of Wilson Mello

    Wilson Mello Cast

  38. Photo of Julia São Paulo

    Julia São Paulo Cast

  39. Photo of Gideon Rosa

    Gideon Rosa Cast

  40. Photo of Isa Trigo

    Isa Trigo Cast

  41. Photo of Marcos Machado

    Marcos Machado Cast

  42. Photo of Virginia Rodrigues

    Virginia Rodrigues Cast

  43. Photo of Romário Machado

    Romário Machado Cast

  44. Photo of Carlos Alberto

    Carlos Alberto Cast

  45. Photo of Paulo Borges

    Paulo Borges Cast

  46. Photo of Silvio Varjão

    Silvio Varjão Cast

  47. Photo of Berto Filho

    Berto Filho Cast

  48. Photo of Nildson B. Valoso

    Nildson B. Valoso Cast

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