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  1. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Tih Minh

  2. Who told you this room exists?'s rating of the film Tih Minh

    A 'silent' gem where drama, thriller, mystery, action and comedy all find themselves at a crossroad. (Pretty sure that Vietnamese girl's name was misspelled, which actually grabbed my attention at first :))

  3. ChiotMusidora's rating of the film Tih Minh

    Missed it, Daniel -- very sad. I'm hoping that it will be shown at the Harvard Film Archive, as it really IS a must-see. Reports from Yale say that the showing was a huge success and music was provided by Philip Carli, Donald Sosin, AND Ken Lauber. Musta been somethin'!

  4. Mike Spence's rating of the film Tih Minh

    Wait, they're showing this thing now? Does that mean a dvd set isn't too far away?