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Ratings & Reviews

  1. SanniHey's rating of the film Tilt

    mich hat der Film sehr bewegt .. tolle Darstelle 3,5 Sterne von mir

  2. rado's rating of the film Tilt

    A safe but solid crowd-pleaser with something for everybody.

  3. Florence's rating of the film Tilt

    the 4 guys played realy well, as did she, but the film had some unnecessary length and scenes that could have been left out.

  4. -Firebird's rating of the film Tilt

    A "Margarit and Margarita" kind of a story but not so genuine, I think Bulgarian newest cinema must definately stop picking up political sides, this is destructive for art because art is not and must not be politics! The setting, the language, the clothes were not reminiscent of the early 90, rather the 00s. However, the acting was brilliant.