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  1. Lost in Disconnection's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    "...I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real". Tilva Rosh describes a mood, a lifestyle, the ordinary disorder of a peculiar group of young, free people. I didn't recognize myself into those guys, but I was able to feel and to experience the magic of that suspension, the scratches upon their souls. And that was because this movie is great, under every aspects.

  2. IKB 191's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

  3. Stefan Gardovic's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    A nice little story about adolescence, growing up and love. Some beautifully framed shots, surprisingly good acting and at times very funny. It all works great together, couldn't recommend it enough!

  4. m00untain's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    A curious generational portrait on friendship, love and its complicated dynamics. The coming of age among a group of friends, and its communication struggles in a post-capitalist and post-media context.

  5. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    There are many “last summer of youth” movies, but Tilva Roš stands out because of its stylishly distant cinematography, authentic (feeling) cast, and the social context of a Serbian town battling with the consequences of the economic downturn. Although most of the time the viewer is hanging with the Jackass-generation, the film gains strength and depth from the scenes with their parents.

  6. Ray Langenbach's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    A brilliant and engrossing film that stands midway between the constructed and the utterly real. Great performances. Great non-acting-acting. The liminal zone of teens facing the terminal station of childhood.

  7. anarresti's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    Some echoes of Gus Van Sant, in the way adolescence is depicted. With a respectful distance, without ever being patronizing or condescending. Good investigation of the asymmetries that happen when teenage friends are growing up at slightly different speeds. A nice movie that shows how belonging and peers pressure works its mysterious ways on the youtube generation - and the post-jackass youngsters.

  8. uenus's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

  9. Alberto Funkledink's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    I liked this film about unremarkable adolescence and the extremely stupid things that desperate boredom can make teenagers do. The bit where he grates his knee with a cheese-grater has to be up there among the top cinematic moments. But the film has a depth to it with the parallel story of the strike by the parents' generation against privatisation and the lack of proper employment opportunities for their kids.

  10. MirandaVj's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    Grunge serbio del siglo 21, me encanta.

  11. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    The everyday life of young Serbian skaters trapped in-between growing up, and staying teens. Pretentiously "indie" at times, a bit ethnographical at others, with some nice shots as well as with some rough/boring edges. Overall: I wasn't at all impressed but I wouldn't say it's a bad film either.

  12. saitosouta's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

  13. Reinaldo Rey's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    magnìfica pelìcula, transmite muy bien muchas sensaciones de la adolescencia, tiene un ritmo brutal

  14. Amapola's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    Me gustó mucho. Es fresca y actual. Creo que no se aleja mucho de nuestra realidad cómo adolescentes mexicanos.

  15. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    may seem aimless at the first sight, but a closer look will make you conclude that this is a curious study about youth and their ambitions, in an isolated town.

  16. Matt Richards's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    Difficult to watch at times this is a commendable effort at commenting on adolescence, boredom, capitalism and ambition among the inhabitants of a Serbian mining town struggling to keep it's workers happy. An ex-skateboarder myself I was easily able to draw parallels but just as easily saw through some of the artifice. Beautifully shot! 3 stars

  17. Eriatarka's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

  18. platipuszen's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    TILVA ROŠ just had its Italian premiere at the Trieste Fim Festival! The audience loved it!

  19. fmeshtar's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    I just finished watching this film. What I liked the most is photography and music (animal collective in here). Actors here are all around my age so I totally understood their jokes and problems. Also, the director wanted to point out economic situation in Serbia which is I guess, very bad. All in all, I enjoyed watching it.

  20. Vitor Marques's rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    winner of Estoril Film Festival 2010.

  21. Sérgio P.'s rating of the film Tilva Rosh

    Saw it at Estoril Film Festival 2010. Very good film. Brought me back to my adolescence for 90 minutes.