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  1. Fool sentimental's rating of the film Timbuktu

  2. Michael Diers's rating of the film Timbuktu

    In langsamen, gefühlvollen Aufnahmen wird die Unterdrückung durch religiösen Fanatismus und der damit verbundenen (körperlichen und geistigen) Flucht ihrer Opfer dargestellt. Tolles Kino, eher für die Kinoleinwand, als für den Fernseher geeignet.

  3. Steve G.'s rating of the film Timbuktu

    Zidane all the way, for me.

  4. filmotrope's rating of the film Timbuktu

    A devastating portrait of religious hell as a place under the rule of jihadists who employ abuse, intimidation and horrendous punishments on those who disobey their abominable laws – proof that, as Steven Weinberg said it, “for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

  5. schmalhans's rating of the film Timbuktu

    While being very touching at times, one never loses the distant feeling of watching something overly poetic that's been made digestable for Western film festival audiences and members of the Academy. Though, it's a drastic as well as playful story that's hard to resist while being relevant to world politics.

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Comme ces traditionnels et antiques objets d'art, précieuses statuettes vives ou séduisantes figurines callipyges, en l'honneur de la féminité, qu'on détruit à coups de mitraillette et de mépris, l'intolérance religieuse continue à faire ses ravages parmi une population pratiquante qui ne demandait qu'à vivre en paix dans cette nature éclatée de beauté à portée de bienveillance, loin des barbares.

  7. bagno's rating of the film Timbuktu

  8. Diderot's rating of the film Timbuktu

    "Adultery during the month of Ramadan is the worst."

  9. s.birowo's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Screening for Government and Politics of Africa

  10. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Timbuktu

  11. Caitlin's rating of the film Timbuktu

    This film focuses on how a community copes with, and resists, the incursion of religious extremists. There are moments of heartbreak and moments of humor. It gives us a sense of what many communities are experiencing.

  12. Nadin's rating of the film Timbuktu

    The film has a good premise, but couldn't quite deliver. We aren't given enough time to actually feel the changes that came with fundamentalism. Consequences - like women having to wear gloves - are shown in scenes which are too short to convey a a message. Shots beautiful, but the film doesn't go beyond so-called "first meaning". What we see is what we get, not more, not less. It doesn't appeal to creative thinking.

  13. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Technically very solid, "Timbuktu" is weaker when it delivers its message (like all the films with a message and it reminded me at some point of "Das Leben der Anderen"). But Sissako's language with images is special.

  14. Dibyajyoti Sarma's rating of the film Timbuktu

    The rise and spread of modern religion fundamentalism in a fable within the confines of a desert… It is a film that every educated person should watch and try to understand. If someday humanity survives and we could rise above religion, the film could explain to us what and how it all went wrong, and how we survived – by being human, without the aid of a religion…

  15. Zane's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Visually stunning with an phenomenal soundscape, this film gives life to the clash of cultures that inevitably comes from religious idiots having any kind of power in society.

  16. Kamran's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Though its episodic structure feels unhinged at times, its emotive strengths and superb lead make for a riveting experience. 81/100 - Great.

  17. João Rocha's rating of the film Timbuktu

    The soccer scene was amazing, but the rest of the movie don't accomplish the morality in the background of the script.

  18. Justwibi's rating of the film Timbuktu

    watching this feature just like watching a documentary. very natural, generous, honest and can open my eyes very well. good job!

  19. camille's rating of the film Timbuktu

  20. Ahmed Hasan's rating of the film Timbuktu

  21. laurax's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Timbuktu is a cri de coeur against violence and intolerance, but what makes it so unusually compelling as a protest film is that it’s also a richly poetic work of cinema

  22. Stefano Pesenti C.'s rating of the film Timbuktu

  23. Luke Andrews's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Timbuktu presents a series of humanitarian situations, and portrays a solid message at the end - ISIS is bad. Something that we all knew before hand. Any sense of character development or narrative was non existent. Timbuktu was an incredibly disappointing film, especially given the amount of hype around it.

  24. Marta Donati's rating of the film Timbuktu

    Without playing with current hysteria and emotional manipulation, the film presents a series of humane situations, slipping between stories and characters to build a well-rounded portrayal and deliver a solid message. It's also an absolute pleasure to watch visually speaking, which helps.

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