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  1. Photo of Thorsten Näter

    Thorsten Näter Director, Screenplay, Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Nino Jacusso

    Nino Jacusso Story

  3. Photo of Irina Hoppe

    Irina Hoppe Cast

  4. Photo of Pavel Sacher

    Pavel Sacher Cast

  5. Photo of Günther Ehlert

    Günther Ehlert Cast

  6. Photo of Eva-Maria Sperling

    Eva-Maria Sperling Cast

  7. Photo of Günther Kauk

    Günther Kauk Cast

  8. Photo of Maria Paszek

    Maria Paszek Cast

  9. Photo of Peter van den Reek

    Peter van den Reek Cinematography

  10. Photo of Andreas-Michael Velten

    Andreas-Michael Velten Production Design

  11. Photo of Hans Kutnewsky

    Hans Kutnewsky Producer

  12. Photo of Stephan Guntli

    Stephan Guntli Sound