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  1. Photo of Ludmil Staikov

    Ludmil Staikov Director

  2. Photo of Georgi Danailov

    Georgi Danailov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anton Donchev

    Anton Donchev Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mihail Kirkov

    Mihail Kirkov Screenplay

  5. Photo of Christo Nenov

    Christo Nenov Producer

  6. Photo of Georgi Genkov

    Georgi Genkov Music

  7. Photo of Radoslav Spassov

    Radoslav Spassov Cinematography and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Violeta Toshkova

    Violeta Toshkova Editing

  9. Photo of Georgi Todorov

    Georgi Todorov Production Design

  10. Photo of Iossif Surchadzhiev

    Iossif Surchadzhiev Cast

  11. Photo of Rousy Chanev

    Rousy Chanev Cast

  12. Photo of Ivan Krystev

    Ivan Krystev Cast

  13. Photo of Anya Pencheva

    Anya Pencheva Cast

  14. Photo of Valter Toski

    Valter Toski Cast

  15. Photo of Vassil Mihajlov

    Vassil Mihajlov Cast

  16. Photo of Kalina Stefanova

    Kalina Stefanova Cast

  17. Photo of Max Freeman

    Max Freeman Cast

  18. Photo of Konstantin Kotsev

    Konstantin Kotsev Cast

  19. Photo of Stoyko Peev

    Stoyko Peev Cast

  20. Photo of Bogomil Simeonov

    Bogomil Simeonov Cast