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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Genadijus L.'s rating of the film Time to Die

    Stellar performance by great Danuta Szarlarska. Solid cinematography and fine directing (with some uneven scenes at the end of the movie) make it as an impressive story on aging, finding humour of senior life stage and welcoming the last day of this absurd life.

  2. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Time to Die

    “Spectrality is a form of life; a posthumous or complementary life that begins only when everything is finished. Spectrality thus has, with respect to life, the incomparable grace and astuteness of that which is completed, the courtesy and precision of those who no longer have anything ahead of them. This is the type of beings Henry James learned to perceive at Venice […], so cloistered and evasive, that the alive

  3. Bjanicas's rating of the film Time to Die

    "There was once a very lovely, very frightened, old lady; she lived alone except for a dog called Phila." Never aging has been filmed in such an ethereal way. Reflection and distortion effects helped a lot building the metaphor of a life (re)viewed through windows, voyeurism, memory and nostalgia brought to the screen at the same time. The relationship between the old woman and her dog made me think about my grandma.