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  1. Photo of Anita Natmeßnig

    Anita Natmeßnig Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Johannes Rosenberger

    Johannes Rosenberger Producer

  3. Photo of Helmut Wimmer

    Helmut Wimmer Cinematography

  4. Photo of Adam Wallisch

    Adam Wallisch Editing

  5. Photo of Margareta Fischer

    Margareta Fischer Cast

  6. Photo of Katharina König

    Katharina König Cast

  7. Photo of Reinhard-Peter Kurz

    Reinhard-Peter Kurz Cast and Music

  8. Photo of Astrid Leßmann

    Astrid Leßmann Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Linhart

    Robert Linhart Cast

  10. Photo of Josef Moser

    Josef Moser Cast

  11. Photo of Roswitha Prohaska

    Roswitha Prohaska Cast

  12. Photo of Margareta Reisinger

    Margareta Reisinger Cast

  13. Photo of Josef Stadler

    Josef Stadler Cast

  14. Photo of Josefine Steindl

    Josefine Steindl Cast

  15. Photo of Gertrude Stergerich

    Gertrude Stergerich Cast