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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Time

    Etonnant petit film en abyme, sur la nécessaire et pourtant pesante altérité, l'inévitable évolution des sentiments et de leur expression, le douloureux naufrage existentiel, concomitant à tout deuil amoureux, la pérennité affective vers une douce-amère intemporalité, qui s'englue quelquefois dans de basses et lourdes redites scénaristiques, alors même qu'il tend vers la légèreté et l'universalité.

  2. David Grillo's rating of the film Time

    Reverse Vertigo, the ideal perfect woman is manifested in everyone else. Ideal fantasy thanks to plastic surgery is now a perfect "other" Here Reality IS appearance, perfect man/woman loses interest His or her partner decide to change their face to recover id however without the superficial lose identification itself. We no longer look for someone but anyone who can be someone Our face becomes the void of the other.

  3. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Time

  4. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Time

  5. Balthaz21's rating of the film Time

  6. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Time

    Quite a beautiful (and young) metaphor of love and devotion. Kim Ki-Duk goes deep into the insane world of commiting and soul mating: it's like an overdose of unreal relationships made only by a very tricky matching game. I could easy go without the final scene - to me, it was already gone extreme - but I get why it's there. Time brings insane and clever together.

  7. m00njaguar's rating of the film Time

    Another superb work by this director

  8. Mert Kaya's rating of the film Time

    this movie was perfect (10/10) except acting in some parts. Just try to unsee it.

  9. Jorge's rating of the film Time

    8/10 Me gusto mucho, aunque para mi todos se parecen, :(, pero es una historia original e interesante.

  10. Yelenx's rating of the film Time

    A refreshing narrative. Things move from a common couple fight to a deep metaphor of the attachment to the past. This movie brings out questions about identity and how we recognize and know ourselves and the others even if, as humans, we are constantly changing.

  11. bella naturis's rating of the film Time

  12. bmelis's rating of the film Time

  13. Anugat's rating of the film Time

    Kim ki-Duk is a Drug(as quite rightfully said in one of the reviews) and his movies are the high(the drugged effect). He tells stories through the magic of films and what a unique job he does. There is no one like him(good way or bad way) and i am in love with him as a storyteller. The way he tackles jealousy, love, society and materialism in 97 minutes is just remarkable, Time is a film certain to watch.

  14. sabir haque's rating of the film Time

    A mirror to today's consumerist society, at a same time the characters endless search for love acts as an aftermath. Captivating performance with some really intense moments. The script has its traps but delightful screenplay at work here all in all. A film about identity, love or for most parts of the film - in search for love.

  15. Sarah's rating of the film Time

    I admit i didn't watch the full movie. I had to stop it.

  16. Glaive's rating of the film Time

    A truly wonderful screenplay.

  17. Bilan's rating of the film Time

    after 25 minutes of boring and bad acting, included stupid too informative dialogues and one cliche after other, I gave up....

  18. Nil's rating of the film Time

    This man s movies like a drug.... Really:)

  19. patricialirio's rating of the film Time

    Hated the first part, absolutely loved the second one. The ending is somehow predictable but still enjoyable.

  20. jjekim's rating of the film Time

    Hilarious and sad. Painfully true portrait of Korean society, consumerist relationships and role of women within heterosexual matrix, although one hates to admit it.

  21. Buddy Love's rating of the film Time

    Sculpture Park is a great place to take pictures visit and hang out. The plastic surgeons office isn't!

  22. Onur Auteur's rating of the film Time

    Well jealousy is disgusting for any near soul, i even grumbled with its thought while watching. Even for that, love is greatly capable for anything and seeing the desire of getting that emotion perfectly enjoyable to watch!

  23. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Time

    as all the kim-ki-duk films, a well spreaded, strong story, solid characters.. even if the story is very well known, the way to approach is very stylish.. the screenings are absolutely amazing. to watch before die.

  24. Rachel Tyler's rating of the film Time

    Went from five star to four star to three star. Should have been an hour shorter. Good camerawork and acting though.

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