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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Timecode

    Une correcte réhabilitation de Mike Figgis !

  2. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Timecode

    Had other filmmakers followed its example this might've become a key cinematic text; as it stands it's more an interesting curio. Enlivened by the then-nascent digital 'revolution', Figgis crafts an experiment in real-time, multi-frame storytelling that is genuinely exhilarating. Unfortunately it's used in the service of a generic Hollywood satire, both narcissistic & smug. If only content had been as daring as form.

  3. r u f o's rating of the film Timecode

  4. bryanvmh's rating of the film Timecode

    What is visual stimulation? How much can we see all at once? I still have no idea.

  5. smndvdcl's rating of the film Timecode

    Figgis' ambitious four-frame, multi-story, one-take, continuous, interlapping, real-time, conceptual piece. Hit and miss, but the stellar cast bring a seasoned semi-improvised flair to each set-piece scene.

  6. Elena Lazic's rating of the film Timecode

    I think Stellan Skarsgard cracks up out of character at least twice and sometimes, that's good enough.

  7. Mike McMillan's rating of the film Timecode

    Much easier to watch than I had expected and very well executed. Really interesting watch.

  8. msmichel's rating of the film Timecode

    Come back to the five and dime mike figgis mike figgis. Rewatched timecode today for first time in ten years. Figgis had one of the most interesting filmographies between 94 and 01 then just seems to have vanished into obscurity. Timecode was certainly a novelty at the time but holds up well. Well orchrestrated with its sheet music style script. Tripplehorn Burrows and Skarsgard all very good.

  9. Nathan.'s rating of the film Timecode

    Dreadful music in this ruined a lot of it. Interesting, but nothing more.

  10. bennievermeer's rating of the film Timecode

    A decade later, its formal innovation is still inspiring, and its Hollywood satire more entertaining than you'd expect from such a radical experiment. But mostly, it remains an interesting cinematic experience, challenging notions of authorship and viewership. Read my full review:

  11. Dan's rating of the film Timecode

    Très bonne expérience que ce film divisé en quatre écrans, la mise en scène quasi-théâtrale est très juste et les acteurs - qui improvisent - son assez bons dans cet exercice. C'était assez couillu, bien qu'un peu ennuyeux, mais ça en valait la peine.

  12. Michael Convery's rating of the film Timecode

    For better or worse, the word "interesting" is almost impossible to evade when writing about Timecode. With that said, I must say that this is an "interesting" film in every positive sense of the term. A cinematic quartet that experiments with visual and dramatic counterpoint, and even admits with metafictional parody its own experimental "interesting-ness".

  13. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Timecode

    Very cool experiment that never really seemed to transcend its gimmick. I'd love to see someone try it again with a stronger story.

  14. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Timecode

    Mike Figgis' interesting cinematic experiment surprisingly works more often than you'd think it would. Though some storylines are far more interesting than others, it actually works best as a offbeat satire of Hollywood. The novelty gets old pretty fast. Awkwardly paced - plodding along much of the time - this film is a lot more interesting than good.