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  1. Photo of Tomas Alfredson

    Tomas Alfredson Director

  2. Photo of Liza Chasin

    Liza Chasin Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ron Halpern

    Ron Halpern Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Debra Hayward

    Debra Hayward Executive Producer

  5. Photo of John Le Carré

    John Le Carré Executive Producer, Screenplay

  6. Photo of Peter Morgan

    Peter Morgan Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Douglas Urbanski

    Douglas Urbanski Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Tim Bevan

    Tim Bevan Producer

  9. Photo of Eric Fellner

    Eric Fellner Producer

  10. Photo of Robyn Slovo

    Robyn Slovo Producer

  11. Photo of Bridget O'Connor

    Bridget O'Connor Screenplay

  12. Photo of Peter Straughan

    Peter Straughan Screenplay

  13. Photo of Hoyte Van Hoytema

    Hoyte Van Hoytema Cinematography

  14. Photo of Gary Oldman

    Gary Oldman Cast

  15. Photo of Colin Firth

    Colin Firth Cast

  16. Photo of Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy Cast

  17. Photo of Ciarán Hinds

    Ciarán Hinds Cast

  18. Photo of Mark Strong

    Mark Strong Cast

  19. Photo of Benedict Cumberbatch

    Benedict Cumberbatch Cast

  20. Photo of Stephen Graham

    Stephen Graham Cast

  21. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  22. Photo of David Dencik

    David Dencik Cast

  23. Photo of Christian McKay

    Christian McKay Cast

  24. Photo of Toby Jones

    Toby Jones Cast

  25. Photo of Kathy Burke

    Kathy Burke Cast

  26. Photo of Dino Jonsäter

    Dino Jonsäter Editing

  27. Photo of Maria Djurkovic

    Maria Djurkovic Production Design

  28. Photo of Jacqueline Durran

    Jacqueline Durran Costume Design

  29. Photo of Arthur Nightingale

    Arthur Nightingale Cast

  30. Photo of Simon McBurney

    Simon McBurney Cast

  31. Photo of Roger Lloyd-Pack

    Roger Lloyd-Pack Cast

  32. Photo of Peter O'Connor

    Peter O'Connor Cast

  33. Photo of Konstantin Khabenskiy

    Konstantin Khabenskiy Cast

  34. Photo of Philip Martin Brown

    Philip Martin Brown Cast

  35. Photo of Alberto Iglesias

    Alberto Iglesias Music