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  1. Photo of Eddie Lateste

    Eddie Lateste Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hergé

    Hergé Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jos Marissen

    Jos Marissen Screenplay

  4. Photo of László Molnár

    László Molnár Screenplay and Editing

  5. Photo of Michel Régnier

    Michel Régnier Screenplay

  6. Photo of Philippe Ogouz

    Philippe Ogouz Cast

  7. Photo of Claude Bertrand

    Claude Bertrand Cast

  8. Photo of Lucie Dolène

    Lucie Dolène Cast

  9. Photo of Albert Augier

    Albert Augier Cast

  10. Photo of Jacques Balutin

    Jacques Balutin Cast

  11. Photo of François Léonard

    François Léonard Cinematography

  12. Photo of François Rauber

    François Rauber Music

  13. Photo of Raymond Leblanc

    Raymond Leblanc Producer

  14. Photo of Nic Broca

    Nic Broca Animation

  15. Photo of Marcel Colbrant

    Marcel Colbrant Animation

  16. Photo of Claude Lambert

    Claude Lambert Animation

  17. Photo of Vivian Miessen

    Vivian Miessen Animation

  18. Photo of Claude Monfort

    Claude Monfort Animation

  19. Photo of Lawrence Moorcroft

    Lawrence Moorcroft Animation

  20. Photo of Jean Torton

    Jean Torton Animation

  21. Photo of Michou Wiggers

    Michou Wiggers Animation