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  1. Photo of Herbert Selpin

    Herbert Selpin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Werner Klingler

    Werner Klingler Director

  3. Photo of Harald Bratt

    Harald Bratt Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hansi Köck

    Hansi Köck Screenplay

  5. Photo of Walter Zerlett-Olfenius

    Walter Zerlett-Olfenius Screenplay

  6. Photo of Friedl Behn-Grund

    Friedl Behn-Grund Cinematography

  7. Photo of Friedel Buckow

    Friedel Buckow Editing

  8. Photo of Robert A. Dietrich

    Robert A. Dietrich Production Design

  9. Photo of August Herrmann

    August Herrmann Production Design

  10. Photo of Fritz Lück

    Fritz Lück Production Design

  11. Photo of Fritz Maurischat

    Fritz Maurischat Production Design

  12. Photo of Werner Eisbrenner

    Werner Eisbrenner Music

  13. Photo of Adolf Jansen

    Adolf Jansen Sound

  14. Photo of Sybille Schmitz

    Sybille Schmitz Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Nielsen

    Hans Nielsen Cast

  16. Photo of Kirsten Heiberg

    Kirsten Heiberg Cast

  17. Photo of Ernst Fritz Fürbringer

    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Schönböck

    Karl Schönböck Cast

  19. Photo of Charlotte Thiele

    Charlotte Thiele Cast

  20. Photo of Otto Wernicke

    Otto Wernicke Cast

  21. Photo of Franz Schafheitlin

    Franz Schafheitlin Cast

  22. Photo of Sepp Rist

    Sepp Rist Cast

  23. Photo of Claude Farell

    Claude Farell Cast