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  1. Photo of Paul Calinescu

    Paul Calinescu Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tudor Mușatescu

    Tudor Mușatescu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic

    Grigore Vasiliu-Birlic Cast

  4. Photo of Silvia Fulda

    Silvia Fulda Cast

  5. Photo of Kity Gheorghiu-Mușatescu

    Kity Gheorghiu-Mușatescu Cast and Music

  6. Photo of Mitzura Arghezi

    Mitzura Arghezi Cast

  7. Photo of Lucian Dinu

    Lucian Dinu Cast

  8. Photo of Coca Andronescu

    Coca Andronescu Cast

  9. Photo of Liviu Bădescu

    Liviu Bădescu Cast

  10. Photo of Ion Finteșteanu

    Ion Finteșteanu Cast

  11. Photo of Mihai Fotino

    Mihai Fotino Cast

  12. Photo of Ion Dichiseanu

    Ion Dichiseanu Cast

  13. Photo of Horia Caciulescu

    Horia Caciulescu Cast

  14. Photo of Tamara Buciuceanu

    Tamara Buciuceanu Cast

  15. Photo of Stefan Horvath

    Stefan Horvath Cinematography

  16. Photo of Paul Urmuzescu

    Paul Urmuzescu Music

  17. Photo of Stefan Norris

    Stefan Norris Production Design

  18. Photo of Eugenia Gorovei

    Eugenia Gorovei Editing

  19. Photo of Nelly Merola

    Nelly Merola Costume Design