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  1. SPQR's rating of the film Tivoli

  2. Étrange's rating of the film Tivoli

    A very thin story line, often overlooked for the satisfaction the director gets from just filming the real cabaret stars before they are completely forgotten. The shows are strong on their own but tend to become boring as the movie lingers on what does not matter and fails to create laughter. It is not enough to show a world that's gone, it's necessary to bring it to life. The fate of Tivoli never gets to matter.

  3. Dominic Rainsford's rating of the film Tivoli

    A lot of interesting cinematic technique, despite the celebration of creaky live performance.

  4. Alex Flores's rating of the film Tivoli

    I'm a fan of Mexican films. This one is outdated and exploitative.

  5. Juan's rating of the film Tivoli

    Es muy local y de añoranza. Tiene toques bizarros. Recomendable para aficionados al cine mexicano.