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  1. Photo of Alan Johnson

    Alan Johnson Director

  2. Photo of Ronny Graham

    Ronny Graham Screenplay

  3. Photo of Melchior Lengyel

    Melchior Lengyel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ernst Lubitsch

    Ernst Lubitsch Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edwin Justus Mayer

    Edwin Justus Mayer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Thomas Meehan

    Thomas Meehan Screenplay

  7. Photo of Mel Brooks

    Mel Brooks Cast and Producer

  8. Photo of Anne Bancroft

    Anne Bancroft Cast

  9. Photo of Tim Matheson

    Tim Matheson Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Durning

    Charles Durning Cast

  11. Photo of Christopher Lloyd

    Christopher Lloyd Cast

  12. Photo of José Ferrer

    José Ferrer Cast

  13. Photo of Gerald Hirschfeld

    Gerald Hirschfeld Cinematography

  14. Photo of John Morris

    John Morris Music

  15. Photo of Terence Marsh

    Terence Marsh Production Design

  16. Photo of Howard Jeffrey

    Howard Jeffrey Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Irene Walzer

    Irene Walzer Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Alan Balsam

    Alan Balsam Editing

  19. Photo of Louis L. Edemann

    Louis L. Edemann Sound