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  1. Photo of Ernst Lubitsch

    Ernst Lubitsch Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Melchior Lengyel

    Melchior Lengyel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edwin Justus Mayer

    Edwin Justus Mayer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rudolph Maté

    Rudolph Maté Cinematography

  5. Photo of Carole Lombard

    Carole Lombard Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Benny

    Jack Benny Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Stack

    Robert Stack Cast

  8. Photo of Stanley Ridges

    Stanley Ridges Cast

  9. Photo of Werner R. Heymann

    Werner R. Heymann Music

  10. Photo of Felix Bressart

    Felix Bressart Cast

  11. Photo of Lionel Atwill

    Lionel Atwill Cast

  12. Photo of Sig Ruman

    Sig Ruman Cast

  13. Photo of Dorothy Spencer

    Dorothy Spencer Editing

  14. Photo of Vincent Korda

    Vincent Korda Production Design