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  1. Photo of Maurice Labro

    Maurice Labro Director

  2. Photo of Frédéric Dard

    Frédéric Dard Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Redon

    Jean Redon Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paul Kenny

    Paul Kenny Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yvan Audouard

    Yvan Audouard Screenplay

  6. Photo of Henri Vidal

    Henri Vidal Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Laage

    Barbara Laage Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Dacqmine

    Jacques Dacqmine Cast

  9. Photo of Nicole Maurey

    Nicole Maurey Cast

  10. Photo of Lino Ventura

    Lino Ventura Cast

  11. Photo of Margaret Rung

    Margaret Rung Cast

  12. Photo of Jess Hahn

    Jess Hahn Cast

  13. Photo of Harald Wolff

    Harald Wolff Cast

  14. Photo of Louis Arbessier

    Louis Arbessier Cast

  15. Photo of Raoul Billerey

    Raoul Billerey Cast

  16. Photo of Corrado Guarducci

    Corrado Guarducci Cast

  17. Photo of André Weber

    André Weber Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Lehérissey

    Jean Lehérissey Cinematography

  19. Photo of Georges van Parys

    Georges van Parys Music

  20. Photo of Georges Lévy

    Georges Lévy Production Design

  21. Photo of François Chavane

    François Chavane Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Alain Poiré

    Alain Poiré Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Roger Ribadeau-Dumas

    Roger Ribadeau-Dumas Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Robert Isnardon

    Robert Isnardon Editing