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  1. Photo of Spike Jonze

    Spike Jonze Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Olympia Le-Tan

    Olympia Le-Tan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Soko

    Soko Cast and Music

  4. Photo of Pierre Le-Tan

    Pierre Le-Tan Cast

  5. Photo of Jean-Louis Padis

    Jean-Louis Padis Cinematography

  6. Photo of Stephen Barcello

    Stephen Barcello Cinematography

  7. Photo of Sam Spiegel

    Sam Spiegel Music

  8. Photo of Koool G. Murder

    Koool G. Murder Music

  9. Photo of Sylvain Derosne

    Sylvain Derosne Production Design and Animation

  10. Photo of Benjamin Fanni

    Benjamin Fanni Production Design

  11. Photo of Simon Cahn

    Simon Cahn Editing, Director Screenplay

  12. Photo of David Amsalem

    David Amsalem Sound

  13. Photo of Jovelyn Robert

    Jovelyn Robert Sound

  14. Photo of Émilie Sandoval

    Émilie Sandoval Animation

  15. Photo of Julien Laval

    Julien Laval Animation