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  1. Photo of Ventura Pons

    Ventura Pons Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sergi Belbel

    Sergi Belbel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carles Cases

    Carles Cases Music

  4. Photo of Jesús Escosa

    Jesús Escosa Cinematography

  5. Photo of Pere Abadal

    Pere Abadal Editing

  6. Photo of Carme Elías

    Carme Elías Cast

  7. Photo of Lluís Homar

    Lluís Homar Cast

  8. Photo of Roger Coma

    Roger Coma Cast

  9. Photo of Marc Martínez

    Marc Martínez Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Azcona

    Anna Azcona Cast

  11. Photo of Carlota Bantulà

    Carlota Bantulà Cast

  12. Photo of Vicky Peña

    Vicky Peña Cast

  13. Photo of Amparo Moreno

    Amparo Moreno Cast

  14. Photo of Mingo Ràfols

    Mingo Ràfols Cast

  15. Photo of Mercè Pons

    Mercè Pons Cast

  16. Photo of Anna Lizaran

    Anna Lizaran Cast

  17. Photo of Francesc Orella

    Francesc Orella Cast

  18. Photo of Francesc Albiol

    Francesc Albiol Cast

  19. Photo of Sergi López

    Sergi López Cast

  20. Photo of Santi Ibáñez

    Santi Ibáñez Cast

  21. Photo of Boris Zapata

    Boris Zapata Sound

  22. Photo of Bello Torras

    Bello Torras Production Design