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  1. Photo of Gyda Christensen

    Gyda Christensen Director

  2. Photo of Tancred Ibsen

    Tancred Ibsen Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sigurd Christiansen

    Sigurd Christiansen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hans Jacob Nilsen

    Hans Jacob Nilsen Cast

  5. Photo of Unni Torkildsen

    Unni Torkildsen Cast

  6. Photo of Jan Vaage

    Jan Vaage Cast

  7. Photo of Toralf Sandø

    Toralf Sandø Cast

  8. Photo of Lauritz Falk

    Lauritz Falk Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Bille

    Hans Bille Cast

  10. Photo of Olle Comstedt

    Olle Comstedt Cinematography

  11. Photo of Carsten Carlsen

    Carsten Carlsen Music