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  1. Photo of William Friedkin

    William Friedkin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Samuel Schulman

    Samuel Schulman Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Irving H. Levin

    Irving H. Levin Producer

  4. Photo of Bud S. Smith

    Bud S. Smith Producer

  5. Photo of Gerald Petievich

    Gerald Petievich Screenplay

  6. Photo of Robby Müller

    Robby Müller Cinematography

  7. Photo of William Petersen

    William Petersen Cast

  8. Photo of Willem Dafoe

    Willem Dafoe Cast

  9. Photo of John Pankow

    John Pankow Cast

  10. Photo of Debra Feuer

    Debra Feuer Cast

  11. Photo of John Turturro

    John Turturro Cast

  12. Photo of Darlanne Fluegel

    Darlanne Fluegel Cast

  13. Photo of Dean Stockwell

    Dean Stockwell Cast

  14. Photo of Steve James

    Steve James Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Downey Sr.

    Robert Downey Sr. Cast

  16. Photo of M. Scott Smith

    M. Scott Smith Editing

  17. Photo of Chung Wang

    Chung Wang Music

  18. Photo of Michael Greene

    Michael Greene Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Allport

    Christopher Allport Cast

  20. Photo of Jack Hoar

    Jack Hoar Cast

  21. Photo of Valentin de Vargas

    Valentin de Vargas Cast

  22. Photo of Dwier Brown

    Dwier Brown Cast

  23. Photo of Michael Chong

    Michael Chong Cast

  24. Photo of Jacqueline Giroux

    Jacqueline Giroux Cast

  25. Photo of Jane Leeves

    Jane Leeves Cast

  26. Photo of Lilly Kilvert

    Lilly Kilvert Production Design