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  1. Photo of Colin Gregg

    Colin Gregg Director

  2. Photo of Alan Shallcross

    Alan Shallcross Producer

  3. Photo of David Wilkinson

    David Wilkinson Producer

  4. Photo of Virginia Woolf

    Virginia Woolf Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hugh Stoddart

    Hugh Stoddart Screenplay

  6. Photo of Richard Andry

    Richard Andry Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ken Westbury

    Ken Westbury Cinematography

  8. Photo of Rosemary Harris

    Rosemary Harris Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Gough

    Michael Gough Cast

  10. Photo of Suzanne Bertish

    Suzanne Bertish Cast

  11. Photo of Lynsey Baxter

    Lynsey Baxter Cast

  12. Photo of Pippa Guard

    Pippa Guard Cast

  13. Photo of Kenneth Branagh

    Kenneth Branagh Cast

  14. Photo of T.P. McKenna

    T.P. McKenna Cast

  15. Photo of Nicholas Gecks

    Nicholas Gecks Cast

  16. Photo of David Parfitt

    David Parfitt Cast

  17. Photo of Craig Warnock

    Craig Warnock Cast

  18. Photo of Jessie Walker Stewart

    Jessie Walker Stewart Cast

  19. Photo of Christopher Lahr

    Christopher Lahr Cast

  20. Photo of Kristin Milward

    Kristin Milward Cast

  21. Photo of Simon Dutton

    Simon Dutton Cast

  22. Photo of Nicola Wright

    Nicola Wright Cast

  23. Photo of Dan Rae

    Dan Rae Editing

  24. Photo of Peter Blacker

    Peter Blacker Production Design

  25. Photo of Julian Dawson-Lyell

    Julian Dawson-Lyell Music

  26. Photo of Claude Debussy

    Claude Debussy Music

  27. Photo of Stan Nightingale

    Stan Nightingale Sound

  28. Photo of Anthony Wornum

    Anthony Wornum Sound

  29. Photo of Joyce Mortlock

    Joyce Mortlock Costume Design