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  1. Photo of S.J. Clarkson

    S.J. Clarkson Director

  2. Photo of Lee Hall

    Lee Hall Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nigel Slater

    Nigel Slater Screenplay

  4. Photo of Carl Clifton

    Carl Clifton Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Nicole Finnan

    Nicole Finnan Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Jamie Laurenson

    Jamie Laurenson Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Daniel Lawson

    Daniel Lawson Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Norman Merry

    Norman Merry Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Alison Owen

    Alison Owen Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Peter Raven

    Peter Raven Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Paul Trijbits

    Paul Trijbits Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Faye Ward

    Faye Ward Producer

  13. Photo of Ruth Barrett

    Ruth Barrett Music

  14. Photo of Liana Del Giudice

    Liana Del Giudice Editing

  15. Photo of Balazs Bolygo

    Balazs Bolygo Cinematography

  16. Photo of Tom Burton

    Tom Burton Production Design

  17. Photo of Freddie Highmore

    Freddie Highmore Cast

  18. Photo of Helena Bonham Carter

    Helena Bonham Carter Cast

  19. Photo of Oscar Kennedy

    Oscar Kennedy Cast

  20. Photo of Ken Stott

    Ken Stott Cast

  21. Photo of Victoria Hamilton

    Victoria Hamilton Cast

  22. Photo of Matthew McNulty

    Matthew McNulty Cast

  23. Photo of Clare Higgins

    Clare Higgins Cast